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Bye Bye Winter!

The last day of Winter was a pearler! We decided to get out of the house and visit the beach to breathe in some sea air.

Molly and Daddy headed down too the sand to chase the waves and the birds. Daddy told Molly that if she catches a bird she can take it home and keep it in a box in her room!! Hope that doesn’t come back to bite us on the bum!

Afterwards Molly played in a beachside playground while Max had a feed in the lovely sunshine.

What a great way to farewell Winter!

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Rainy Day Antics

The weather in Sydney today was rainy but Molly was feeling much better so she had to find ways to have indoor fun. Mummy and Daddy’s bed was a great place to clown around for the camera. She must be getting used to this blogging thing because she kept saying
“Take a picture, take a picture!”

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A visit to the clinic

I took Max to the clinic today to be weighed and measured. The weather had turned a bit nasty this morning but I had decided to walk there rather than get Max in and out of the car. We got all rugged up and tested out the rain cover for our pram. Here is Max all ready to go.

At 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days Max’s vital statistics are ……
Weight 6.4 kg
Length 63 cm
Head Circumference 42 cm
He is growing up so fast!!

I was going to take Molly too but she wasn’t feeling well with an upset tummy. She actually asked to stay home for the first time ever!! She really must have felt ill, poor little possum!

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It’s a Wiggly World

Third time lucky it seems. We finally made it to the Wiggly play centre today. On the last two attempts it had been closed. I wasn’t game to tell Molly where we were going until we arrived in the carpark and saw lots of cars there. We met up with Aunty Di, Matthew, Aunty Rhonda, Tom and Jorja for a Wiggly play date. As usually happens at a play centre Molly was off and running the minute we arrived and only checked back with me occassionally for a drink or a bite to eat.
Once again she was crazy for the slides. She must have been up and down that thing 50 times! When it was time to go home she said “I don’t want to go home, I want to slide.”

Max had a cuddle with Jorja but wasn’t all that happy about it.
Give him a few years and I bet he’ll be singing a different tune!

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Saturday turned out to be a busy day. Mummy, Molly and Max visited Nanny and Aunty Judy in the morning. Max discovered there is nothing quite like a cuddle with Nanny.

In the afternoon the whole family visited the spring fair at a local Agricultural school. Molly got to pat the baby animals ….

…. and rode on the giant slide with Daddy.

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Friday is playgroup day. Molly spends most of her time riding the bikes and also loves the dancing and singing.

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a lazy day at home

We were all feeling tired today after our big day out so we had a lazy day at home.
Molly enjoyed a spot of afternoon tea with Big Ted…

….while Max just kicked back and relaxed.
(Nerida note the shirt he is wearing)

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