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Two Peas in a Pod

I caved to the peer pressure today and bought a pair of “crocs” just like Molly’s.

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Surfer Girl

I hit the shops with M&M today and much to my surprise we had a great time. Molly was just fantastic so I couldn’t resist buying her some special things. All of our recent trips to the beach and an episode of The Backyardigans have given Molly a keen interest in surf boards and boogie boards and she has been asking for one for a while now. Today I found the perfect boogie board for our little Dora the Explorer fan…..

Did you notice the new shoes too? What a lucky little girl!

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We had a great day on Tuesday at Yvette’s house. We had planned to meet up at Centennial Park but the weather looked a bit iffy so Yvette kindly offered to have us all at her house. Jamie, Jet, Lynn and Siobhan came too and the kids had a ball playing with all of Fin and Cohen’s toys. Here are all of the big kids together on the famous staircase where Jasper was born just 6 weeks ago!

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A Jolly Good Time

Today was Max’s first time in the Jolly Jumper.

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Playgroup on Ice!

We had an “excursion” today with playgroup. We went to Canterbury Ice Rink! Sounds like a strange thing to do with a group of toddlers and babies but it was a fantastic day!

They have double bladed skates that strap onto the kids own shoes and fun activities for them to do on the ice like ride bikes, sleigh rides, playing with snow

and see-saws to ride on.

Max got all rugged up….

….and had fun being pushed around in his pram on the ice.

At first Molly was unsure about standing up in her skates but forgot all about it while playing with the snow and then shouted out “I’m skating by myself!!” when she realised what she was doing.

Our little speed demon loved being pushed around on the sleigh and the faster the better!

I even managed to stay upright for the whole hour but I must admit pushing the pram around helped me with that!

We even managed to have our first family photo taken
(one with all 4 of us in it).

What a wonderful day!

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See any family resemblance?

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Beach Baby

More beautiful Sydney weather so we spent the afternoon at Neilsen Park.

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