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The afternoon began all smiles with a ride on the merry-go-round. Look closely and you can see trouble lurking in the background

Molly remains oblivious …..

…… but not for long!

What’s that? A lollipop?

Hey, hey! That’s close enough big guy!

What? No lollipop yet? I have to stay here?

AND you expect me to smile??

There! Is that good enough?

But I don’t want to smile! Oh OK then!

My lollipop at last!


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How many shopping days left till Christmas? I haven’t even started my letter to Santa!

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Sure Mum, the pears were great…..

…. but you can’t beat these yummy toes!

Want some?

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Be Quiet! I’m Busy!!

Molly was helping to pick up some leaves off the floor from a plant we forgot to water before we went on holidays.

Dave and I were chatting about something and suddenly we heard Molly say “Be quiet!! I’m busy!!”

Hard as we tried we could not keep a straight face.

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Anyone for Tea?

I love Dorothy slaving away over a hot stove in the background.

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Party Time

I was sitting in another room with Max when I heard Molly call out “Mummy, Mummy!! It’s party time!!”
When I walked into the loungeroom this is what I found. She moved all of the furniture herself.

Notice that all of the guests have a present (in the form of a peek-a-block). Apparently it was Molly’s birthday and she sang Happy Birthday complete with two hip, hip hoorays.
I didn’t even know she knew the words.

I’m not sure if they all ate a bad grape but after the party Molly and all of her guests were “not at all well” and needed a lie down.


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