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Merry Christmas

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A Work of Art

Molly called this drawing “Molly and the Mess”.

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Morning TV

Here are M&M watchingTV together the other morning.

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Ok maybe not but we were impressed with Molly’s first time at a piano.

This was taken nearly 6 months ago when Molly was just 2 and she was trying out a barbie piano at the Target toy sale. Finally YouTube is cooperating with me and we have been able to upload it.

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“I’m not feeling well Mummy!”

“I better lie down under the Christmas tree.”

“There. That’s better!”

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Christmas at the Farm

Our Playgroup Christmas party was held on a farm this year. It promised to be a great day and then the weather turned on us! We couldn’t pass up an opportunity to see Santa so we got out our rain gear and off we went…

First stop some billy tea and damper. Mmmmmm

Max stayed warm and dry inside his rain cover. He was the only dry person there.

“Can we eat it now Mummy?”

Next stop the cow milking demonstration.
Molly’s comment, “He’s pulling her doodle!”

Molly was happy to pat the cow but no way was she “pulling her doodle!”

Next was the sheep shearing demonstration. You can see I was a bit soggy by this stage!

A quick ride on the sheep before lunch.

And look who stopped by……with presents!

Here is my best attempt at a group shot!
Santa is trying desperately to hold onto his beard while Max gives it a good hard tug!

It was worthwhile braving the weather for a fun day out. Molly had a ball jumping in puddles all the way back to the car where she changed into dry clothes and promptly fell asleep.

Thanks to all our playgroup friends for a wonderful year. We’ll see you again in 2007!

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