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A Visit from Nanny

Nanny came to visit M&M on Saturday. Molly was in her element with her favourite play mate. She repeatedly told Nanny “You have to……”. We tried to add “Would you please ……?” to her vocab but it didn’t seem to stick very well!

We had a picnic on the lounge room floor (it was VERY hot outside).

Look who wears her hair up now!

One of Molly’s favourite games right now is to give her toys voices and act out scenes, usually recreations of our daily activities. Here she has Nanny giving a voice to “Mummy Tigger” while she voiced “Baby Tigger”.


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Max had a lamb cutlet for dinner again tonight.
We had the camera ready this time.
Do you think he enjoyed it?

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A Day at the Beach

Yesterday we headed to the beach to take advantage of the lovely weather. We were all looking forward to a swim right up until the moment we stepped into the freezing cold water. So after a brief paddle, a spot of lunch, some sandcastle building and a little time in the playground we called it a day.

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The Bond Between Siblings

Molly and Max have such a close bond.
The love and admiration are mutual and just beautiful to watch.
Here they are enjoying some TV together.

Don’t ask about the Santa hat. Nobody knows why she is wearing it!

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Molly has relinquished her dummies to the dummy fairy with very little fall out. The first night was tough, the second night was a little unsettled but by the third there was not even a whimper. This morning I feared a setback when Molly came into our bedroom in the morning. As she went to climb into our bed she turned and ran to her room saying “I’ll get my dummy”. I waited for the pleading and protests but they never came. Instead she said, completely unprompted, “I’m a big girl. I don’t need a dummy.”

After a false start in the middle of December, we are again tackling TOILET TRAINING! We have talked a lot about Molly being a big girl and big girls not wearing nappies and it may be getting in. Yesterday we went shopping and bought some new undies. Gotta love Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony and Dorothy the Dinosaur undies and just how much they can motivate a two and a half year old girl. Day one saw about Four accidents and one successful trip to the potty for a wee! The success was followed by a “Potty Party” complete with balloons and cake. Later the balloons moved to the trampoline for some fun to bounce off all that sugar energy.

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What’s this stuff you’re giving me Mummy?

Mmmmmmm toast! Can I fit both in here at once?

Just you try and take one away! I dare you!

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Today the four of us went for a bike ride together. Our first family ride!
Finally the weather, equipment and sleeping patterns were all working in our favour and we got our chance to turn the legs over and give Max his first taste of cycling. He loved it.
Here he is getting ready to go.

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