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Blast Off!


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Fun at Maccas

We didn’t get out much this weekend so we decided to take the kids to Maccas for dinner on Sunday night so that Molly could have a play in the playground. Molly quickly disappeared into the maze of tubes and Max waited eagerly for her to appear at the bottom of the slide.

This is his reaction when she finally emerged.

Then it was time for some dinner and Max sampled some fries.

He was suitably impressed.

It was a great way to finish off the weekend.

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Play With Me Daddy!

We have moved the furniture around in our house (yes again) to try and find some space for all of our stuff and in the process the X Box found it’s way back inside from the garage. Molly and Daddy had to put it through its paces of course. Molly thought she was pretty special with her own steering wheel. Whatever you do don’t tell her it doesn’t work.

Meanwhile Max was having the time of his life in his Jolly Jumper. This shot is blurry (because he wouldn’t stop moving for a second) but I thought it captured the mood very well.

Are we having fun yet?

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Jumping Princesses

Jorja came to play with Molly today after playgroup.
They had a great time together playing with the babies, dressing up and jumping on the trampoline, sometimes all at once.

Hot work this trampolining!

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And so it begins…

Max discovered a love of ride-ons at playgroup today.
It had to happen! It does have wheels and he is a Walkerden after all!

“Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!”

Pure concentration

“How good do I look on this thing!”

“Look Mum, no hands!”

So, do you think he liked it?

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Farewell Aunty Joyce

M&M’s Great Great Aunty Joyce passed away last week at the grand old age of 95. Sadly Max never had the chance to meet Aunty Joyce but Molly did. This photo was taken when Molly was 7 months old.

M&M attended the funeral with me yesterday and were beautifully behaved during the service. I showed Molly this photo and explained to her that we were going to say goodbye to Aunty Joyce.

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That Wascaly Wabbit!

No really Kimba the rabbit is very friendly and well behaved.
Molly enjoyed her cuddle while at Nanny’s house today.

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