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Three years ago today our beautiful baby girl Molly was born at 12.37am by emergency caesarean section. She weighed just 2.545kg (5lb 10 oz) and was 48.5 cm long.

Just look at the beautiful young girl she has grown into! Where did that time go?

We love you Molly and we are so very proud of you.

Happy Birthday from Mummy, Daddy and Max


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Take another look!

This is Molly in April 2005!

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The Junies

For those who don’t know the Junies are the children of my online mothers group. They were all due to be born in June 2004 but their birthdays fall in May, June and July. Most of the mums have been friends since we were all pregnant, while others joined us after the kids were born. We have become great friends over the past 3 and a half years.

This week Danielle, one of our interstate members came to visit us with her Junie, Alexandra and little brother Lachlan. It was a great excuse to get the whole gang together. We almost pulled it off too except Jamie took ill and couldn’t join us.

Since it is June we had a birthday cake for the kids to share. Here are a few photos of the kids having a great time at Yvette’s house, the ultimate kid friendly venue!

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Last weekend we went to the Parents Childrens and Babies Expo so Molly could see Dorothy the Dinosaur.
Here is the big girl in all her glory.

Molly was a little overwhelmed and was just warming up as Dorothy sang her last song.

Afterwards we enjoyed the great playground and fountain at Homebush Bay.

A great day of fun, free entertainment.

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As M&M get older the pram becomes a less enjoyable way to get around our little suburb. Sitting back and taking in the scenery is losing its appeal. Here is the latest attempt to keep everyone amused while walking to the shop.

So far, so good.

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One of our favourite family outings these days is to head to Maccas for lunch or just an afternoon coffee. The reason is not the food or the coffee but the playground. M&M have a ball there and always strike up friendships with other kids. Max has now really started to explore the space and he likes what he finds.

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Max has taken quite a fancy to shopping centre rides. Unlike his big sister he is never content when the ride comes to an end and it is time to say goodbye. It is then that he shows us just how determined he is. I look to the future with a degree of trepidation!

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