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Water Play

Another gorgeous day and an opportunity for Max to have some fun with water. Both kids were completely drenched and laughing themselves silly. What a great way to spend an afternoon.


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Saturday was a truly delightful day in Sydney. We had to dig out the new Summer clothes we bought a couple of months ago so we could get out and about in the sunshine.

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Funny Faces

Oh the things you can do with a Mac computer!

Why the long face Daddy? Has Molly been watching too much TV?

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Here’s the thing……

  • This is Max’s Sleepy Sheepy.
  • Max has developed a VERY strong attachment to Sleepy Sheepy.
  • Sleepy Sheepy is looking a little worse for wear.
  • Max’s mummy and daddy fear he will never sleep again if Sleepy Sheepy is ever lost.
  • The hunt for Sleepy Sheepy’s twin has thus far been unsuccessful.
  • Your help is needed in the search.
  • Description: Height -15 cm Length – 20 cm Colour – Purple and white
  • If you have any information on the whereabouts of a twin please contact us!

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