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Douglas’ Tender

Max is a typical little boy. He LOVES his trains and in particular Douglas’ Tender.

According to Max Douglas’ Tender goes BRRRRRRRR.

Daddy’s finger is lots of fun too.

Molly watches on…

…while the Walkerden men share a special moment.


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What do you do on a rainy day at home?
Why build things from furniture and blankets of course.

Firstly a train….

… then later a throne.

From her throne, Princess Molly can summon snacks and DVDs.

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Cruisin’ With Cuz

After seeing Thomas we went to visit M&M’s cousin Ben (and his Mum and Dad of course).

As we were leaving Max took a shine to Uncle Graham’s Postie motor bike so all the kids climbed aboard.

Molly insisted on wearing a helmet.

OK ready to go now!

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Thomas the Tank Engine

One lovely sunny Sunday we decided to take a drive to Vicary’s Winery at Luddenham to see Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. M&M were pretty excited about having a ride.

Side Show Bob was our driver.

We got to ride on Percy and Toby but also got a good look at Thomas and James as they went by. It was a great way to spend an afternoon in the sunshine.

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Mummy has a new camera phone.

Molly was helping me out with a few shots to use as screen savers.

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