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Decisions, Decisions

What do you do on a hot day when you can’t decide between jumping on the trampoline and going for a dip in the paddling pool?


You do both

at the same time!

Molly, Ben and Max had an absolute HOOT!

Don’t you just love Molly with the floatie! I am proud to report that the very next day she swam in a very deep pool with her floatie. That was a big step for Molly who has been really afraid of pools up until now.

After a while Max decided to take it a bit easy.

It was one of those great afternoons you wish didn’t have to end.

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Drawing has become a popular past time in this house.

Molly is a recent convert to drawing and has stopped insisting that everyone else draw things for her. This is the first drawing she has done of a face with eyes. It is quite a leap from the scribbles she was doing just the week before. It also has glasses and very sticky-outy ears!

Molly tells us this is an echidna. I was impressed!

Maybe it is watching Molly draw so much that has developed a love of drawing in Max. He adores drawing with chalk in the back yard.

He really gets into it!

Unfortunately he doesn’t limit his drawing to the concrete.

Anything is fair game!

Even Mummy’s trousers!

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Our Backyard

After a month long blogging hiatus we are back with lots of photos. Here are some of the kids enjoying the backyard and the sunshine yesterday afternoon.

When your big sister is blocking the doorway,there is more than one way to enter a cubby house!

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Meeting Sienna

Last Thursday we finally got to meet the beautiful Sienna. She is 6 weeks old.

We met up at Jamie’s house with Kris, Lynn and the kids.
As you can see the weather wasperfect and the setting divine!

Here are Eliza and Max.

Max took a liking to the mini tramp.

and Jet’s Thomas train.

So many trains and so little time! Max was right at home in Jet’s new bedroom.

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Last Sunday we headed out t Luddenham again to see Thomas and his friends.

Max was happy while the train was moving but quite a handful when it stopped for any reason. He likes to be on the move!

Molly had her heart set on riding Thomas so she waited patiently in line until a seat was available.

Apparently it was worth the wait.

Max brought along his own trains for between rides.

Molly and Alyaan got toknow each other a little better.

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Building a Railroad

It seems Molly’s enthusiasm for building may run in the family. Max had a wonderful time with the 20 year old train set at Nanny’s house.

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