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Can you believe she is nearly 4?

Molly’s actual birthday is June 19 but we will be having her party the Saturday after. It will be a My Little Pony Themed party and she is pretty excited about it all.
We give out the invitations at preschool tomorrow.

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Max has changed so much in the last month or so. He is growing up so quickly now that I am afraid to blink. He is talking more and really loves to engage us in games. It is just delightful to watch his cheeky personality unfold.

A recent development is that Max no longer runs away from the camera. He now smiles when he sees me take it out.

He even pulls funny faces!!

You might just notice a whole lot more photos of Max looking at the camera instead of the side and rear views you are used to. Stay tuned!

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We have a park right across the street from us and now that the kids are getting older we are spending a lot more time there. These sunny Autumn afternoons are perfect for getting out and enjoying the sunshine.

It’s also great when friends come to visit!

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When the big kids won’t let you join in, it’s time to make your own fun.

It’s always good to have a partner in crime.

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What’s everyone doing up there?

Can I join in?

Hey! I’m talkin’ to you!

Wish I was bigger!

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me
I think I’ll go eat worms.

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Born to Ride

Molly has become a very keen cyclist and regularly rides 5km around our estate.

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