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It is almost midnight here and I am reminiscing about Molly’s birth. Around this time 4 years ago I was being wheeled to theatre for an emergency C section after a non-reassuring ECG. They were worried about Molly after several hours of monitoring and decided she needed to be born in a hurry. Molly was born at 12.37 am on the 19th June 2004 and was just 2.54kg.

This video is an oldie but a goodie.


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On its last wheels

Molly doesn’t know it yet but she is getting a new bike for her birthday tomorrow. It has bigger wheels, better brakes, and it’s pink with yellow flowers. It is sitting in the lounge room now waiting for her to wake up in the morning.

I think we are as excited as she is about the big day!

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Nanny’s House

M&M spent most of the weekend at Nanny’s house this weekend. As always they had a wonderful time.

growing up

Sometimes I look at a photo of Max and it suddenly hits me that he is really growing up fast. It makes me sad and happy all at once.


Max adores Angel the dog and tries to entice her to fetch but she tires of the game long before Max does.

learning from a pro

Max loves to draw and we think it’s because he has watched his big sister in action.

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Digging the Dirt

After all the rain we have had lately the garden soil is nice and soft.


Perfect for digging!


This was the day Max figured out what you do with the digger. He saw a real one at work at a local building site, then came home and put his to work.





Needless to say he needed his bath before dinner that night!

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watching bubbles

watching bubbles


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the happy cyclist

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This beautiful girl had her 4th birthday party last Sunday and we were lucky enough to be invited.

Happy Birthday Sophie

It was a fairies and superheroes party. Molly was more than happy to don her best fairy wings in the spirit of celebration.

My Fairy

So sweet

A quiet moment

Fairy deep in thought

Such a pretty fairy, but this is what happens when you ask her to smile!

This is what I get if I ask her to  smile

Max had great fun too. There were toys,

New Toys

lollipops (a first for Max),

First lollypop

First Lollypop

and balloons!


Oh and of course there was cake, which Sophie told me was the best part of the whole party.

The best part...

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