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The Party

Saturday 21 June 2008 – Party day
The birthday girl
The Birthday Girl
The cake
Molly's birthday party
Molly's birthday party
Molly's birthday party
The girls all brought their bikes so we could ride in the park.
Molly's birthday party
Molly's birthday party
Molly was a very lucky girl getting so many wonderful gifts.
Molly's birthday party
I have a lot more photos to go through when I have the time. My dear friend Kris took hundreds of photos on the day while I was busy running around. Thank you, thank you, thank you Kris! You captured so many wonderful moments and we will treasure the photos forever.

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Molly’s 4th Birthday

Almost a month late I am finally blogging Molly’s 4th birthday.
Firstly the actual day June 19 2008.
Molly got a new bike.
shiny new wheels
She seems to like it!
Pure Joy!
We made a dairy and egg free birthday cake so Max could enjoy it too. He loved licking the spoon. It was his first serious taste of chocolate.
Discovering the joy of chocolate
Here is the finished product. A trial run for the party.
Molly's Birthday Cake no. 1
The birthday girl herself.
Happy Birthday Molly
Happy birthday darling girl. We can’t believe you are 4 already. We are so very proud you.

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