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Molly has had a total of three dancing lessons and according to her, that now makes her an expert ballerina.  Mind you she isn’t even learning ballet!  For the last two days she has been dressed up as a ballerina with her dancing shoes on and performing for anyone who will watch, including a full audience of her stuffed toys.  She is even happy to pose for photos when she is in ballet mode!


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His “What are you lookin’ at?” face

His just kicking back face

and his totally mesmerised by Thomas the Tank Engine face

I love them all!

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Clever Boy

Max has been slow to start talking so we had no way of knowing what has been going on in his mind.

Turns out he has been soaking up as much learning as he possibly could and he revealed to us the other day that he knows all the letters of the alphabet (upper and lower case) and the numbers 1 – 20.

One of his favourite things to do is show off his newfound talent to anyone who’ll listen with our number and letter jigsaw puzzles.

Now I wonder how much he understands about everything.  Could he really be reading this book?

This post was brought to you by the letter W (pronounced double-doo) and the number 6

(Max’s favourites)

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We have entered this photo of Max in the “Face of Little Tikes” contest.

Click on the photo to take you to the site where you can vote.

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The Little Things

Everything is interesting when you are two years old.

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Molly has been wearing her hair down more often lately.  It is getting longer and thicker and looks just beautiful.  She has also been more obliging about having her photo taken.  So here she is, our beautiful girl!

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We were in the park with friends and Max discovered a lovely big soft patch of clover. He was picking the flowers, putting them to his nose and saying “ah…ah….choo!” He is truly the cutest! Here, see for yourself.

See… told you so!!

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