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Camelia Gardens

We spent Sunday afternoon at Camelia Gardens where they have a great playground for the kids and great coffee for the parents.

Molly was more interested in cake and less interested in having a photo with her brother.

Max was fascinated by the water trickling over the rocks.

They both loved the flowers.


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We went to the Cycling Club at Sutherland on Sunday to find out when Molly can join.  While Dave and Molly were having a look around, Max and I explored the surroundings.  My goodness he is growing up so fast!!

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Food Shopping

Ok I know this is a sign that I am completely camera crazy but I took the camera with me when Molly and I went to the local fruit and veg market.

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A Morning in the Park

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My Great Uncle Dev (M&M’s Great, Great Uncle) turned 94 this week.  I swear he looks younger than he did on his last birthday!

We had a lovely birthday lunch at Mum’s house to celebrate.

Molly told anyone who would listen that we only had one candle on the cake so that we didn’t burn the house down.

Molly was excited to wear her new party dress.

We hope you had a great day Uncle Dev and enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours.

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Spring Has Sprung

Watching the sunset through our flowering plum tree.  I love spring!

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Clever Boy

Max thinks he is pretty clever now that he can climb up on the slippery dip whenever he feels like it.

He loves to sit at the top and play catch with the ball.  He is very good at catching!

Throw the ball Daddy!

Isn’t he gorgeous!

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