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Blowing Bubbles


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sharing, originally uploaded by **LYN**.

Imperfect photo of a perfect moment.

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Old Friends

old friends, originally uploaded by **LYN**.

Molly and Sophie first met when they were only a few weeks old and even though they don’t see each other often, when they do they just pick up where they left off.

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Paired Off

paired off, originally uploaded by **LYN**.

This was one of those really lovely moments you could never plan. We were walking through the gardens towards the playground and the kids had gone on ahead a little. Without any encouragement from us Jack and Molly and then Eliza and Max held hands. Priceless!

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A Quiet Moment

a quiet moment, originally uploaded by **LYN**.

A rare moment of stillness at the playground. I wonder what he was thinking?

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Community Property

Everything is community property when you are two years old, except of course if it belongs to you!


Max found this truck on the beach when its owner walked away from it temporarily. It was bigger than the truck we had brought along and so Max tried decided it was time for the truck exchange program. The other two year old boy was not all that impressed! 

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Hitting the Cycle Paths

Molly is very fast on her bike.  Don’t be fooled by the training wheels.  She regularly rides 5km at a stretch, often more.  On the hills she can get quite a head start on us, even though we have the benefit of gears.

A big bike ride usually includes a stop off at the playground.

Or the lake to feed the ducks.   Keep an eye on that duck on the left.

He likes to go straight to the source.


Max has almost outgrown the seat at the front of the big red bike.  I think he’s going to miss it!

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