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The Amazing Eyes of Mr J

This delightful little 4 month old boy and his lovely parents were such a pleasure to photograph.  I am in love with J’s eyes.  Here is just a taste of the session.


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The Dashing Mr E

Another session with a dear friend and her family.  The camera really loves Evan.

Don’t you just love that door!

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The Spring Fair

The local primary school had their annual spring fair so we wandered on down to see what was on offer.

No one expected the dinosaur attack!

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Neighbourhood Gossip





These two are always up for a chat with Lily over the fence.

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I am officially portfolio building and offering discounted photo sessions in return for a signed model release allowing me to use the photographs on my blog, website and in any future advertising.  These photos are of the beautiful family of a dear friend.  We headed to the harbour and were rewarded for our early start with the most wonderful blue skies and gorgeous light reflecting off the sea.  Thanks for letting me hone my skills on you O family!

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Over the Fence

Max could hear our neighbours playing cricket in the street and wanted to watch the action.

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The Beautiful Miss A

I had the pleasure of photographing this absolutely delightful little girl and her lovely Mum a few weeks ago.  We held the session at an unusual location, a cemetery at Camperdown.  It is a lovely spot with the most amazing giant fig tree and a park right next door.



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