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You can now find the blog at  http://lynwalkerden.com

Pop on over and be sure to leave a comment telling me what you think of the new format.


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Christmas Morning 2008

We had a lovely Christmas.  M&M are both old enough to understand what is going on and really enjoy the excitement and anticipation.  Here are a few photos of our morning all taken with my lovely Christmas gift, a new Nikkor 50mm f/1.4g lens. 

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I had good intentions of making a Christmas card this year to mail out to friends and family. 

Those of you that have known me for several years can stop laughing now……. no I really mean it!!

So this is the closest I got to cards this year.  Consider this your E-card from the Walkerdens.  Alright, I know it is late but at least they are cute!

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Dinner Time ~ Summer Style

One of the nicest things about Summer is the chance to eat evening meals outside.  It is a lovely relaxed way to end the day and very popular with the kids.  These shots were taken a few days ago on a lovely mild Summer evening.  The kids were unusually cooperative for the camera, hence there are a lot of photos to share.


Aren’t they adorable!!

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Looking back through the thousands of photos in my archives, I have very few nice photos of Molly and Max together.  It is hard enough to get one of them to cooperate for a photo, let alone both of them at once. 

Well it seems things are beginning to change.  As M&M get older they are playing together more often.  They are becoming the best of friends and as they interact, I can capture them together!  Problem solved, for now at least.    So brace yourself for a LOT of photos of M&M together over the coming weeks while I get the chance.

Max doesn’t seem too sure that this is a good idea…

Now he’s warming to the idea.  Stay tuned.

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Bumping Into Santa

We met up with L, D and E at Maccas for breakfast a couple of weeks ago and who should make an appearance, but the big man in red himself. 

The kids started out with some fun in the playground.


and then Santa arrived




Lucky I had my camera because this ended up being our only Santa photo for this year.

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