Molly’s First Dancing Concert

Molly had her very first dancing concert on Monday 8th December.  It was our first time managing costumes, hair, tickets, rehearsals…… 

You will have to excuse the quality of these photos.  Just consider them snapshots of a significant family event.  Imperfect photos of a perfect moment.

Here she is dressed and ready to go


Backstage, getting ready and I think a little nervous


waiting to go onstage


Once again you will have to forgive the quality here but Molly is in the middle with the blue streamers.


The kids were all so good right to the end.  The finale was 4 hours after the start of the show and way past their bedtime but they didn’t grizzle once.



Stripes in the Park


Enough photos Mummy!!

Boy did he need a haircut!

Little Grub

One of Max’s favourite things to do is play with his trucks on a patch of dirt in our back yard.  He manages to get himself pretty dirty most days, but on this particular day he outdid himself.  Meet my little grub, complete with attitude.






Well Mummy it really wasn’t my fault …………..

Family Photos in the Garden

I had a great time photographing three generations of this lovely family just over a week ago.  We had to improvise upon discovering our planned location opened later than expected.  The kids were very patient and we managed to capture some lovely photos.  Here are a few of my favourites from the session.

The Flowerpot Boy

Max took it upon himself the other day to climb into an empty planter pot in our backyard.  He even stayed there long enough for me to get the camera.

The Amazing Eyes of Mr J

This delightful little 4 month old boy and his lovely parents were such a pleasure to photograph.  I am in love with J’s eyes.  Here is just a taste of the session.

The Dashing Mr E

Another session with a dear friend and her family.  The camera really loves Evan.

Don’t you just love that door!