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Playing Together

Molly and Max have reached a delightful stage in their relationship where they really play together. They have so much fun and Molly really looks out for Max.


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We had a lovely afternoon at Melissa’s baby shower on Sunday. Max took an instant liking to Zach’s car.

“Whoa! Check it out!”

What’s she got under here? Noice!!”

“Back off Jasper!”

“I saw it first!”

“Hey! Hey!”

“Tears won’t work on me!”

“In the driver’s seat now. Out of my way!”

“Now for the serious business of driving.”

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Playgroup Pals

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Well you get to indulge in a special treat of course!

Max contemplates a life without icecream.
I wonder if you can make icecream out of soy milk??

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Sadly today we lost our dishwasher! It was declared officially deceased when the repairman told me it would cost at least $500 to fix. It has been out of order for 2 weeks now so Molly has seen me doing quite a bit of washing up in rubber gloves. She wanted to get in on the action today and this is the result.

Up to her elbows in dishes. Just like Mummy!

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A New Trick

Max has another new trick to show Daddy when he gets home tomorrow night.

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